Testimonials/ Highlights

We really appreciate hearing from our clients. Their feedback is invaluable!

Pat B.

January 18, 2024

We have been using Shelley’s decorating expertise for more than 15 years. She is truly a professional in her field. She has worked with us in so many different areas–whole rooms, furniture, color, wallpaper, window treatments, fabrics, and accessories. The contractors that she uses are equally professionals in their fields. Shelley gets to know her clients’ tastes. Recently, I was looking for a mirror and a lamp to complete a project. She gave me several choices of each and, when I made my selections, she confessed that she knew which ones I would choose. I get many compliments on my home–but I always have to admit that it is because I worked with Shelley.


June G.

January 12, 2023

Working with Shelley has been fabulous! She has guided us through remodeling our kitchen, selecting new flooring for our entire first floor, and choosing a color pallet for each room – then furnishing everything. The rooms range from dramatic (kitchen) to elegant (formal living room) to casual (family room) – each style distinctive, yet all blended and coordinated, transitioning smoothly from room to room. The products Shelley brings in are beautiful and of high quality, but she gives equal consideration to comfort, practicality, and flexibility. For every decision, she provides samples and options, explaining what to look for and what to avoid. For items we find or install ourselves, she provides invaluable advice on industry standards and best practices. She knows experts in every field and recommends exceptional tradesmen. Shelley’s ability to orchestrate a space – to pick the perfect color, the exact detail, the right texture – is magical. But equally valuable is her work ethic: she responds always and quickly; she’s on time; she’s prepared; she keeps a record of all our discussions and decisions; she follows up. Meetings with Shelley are fun and overflowing with exciting visions of possibilities. Of all the things on my calendar, my favorite is “Shelley Rodner.”


John L.

September 10, 2022

We’ve been working with Shelley on our complete reno of a beach condo in Bethany. She has been amazing and we can not imagine doing this without her. Her vision with furniture and color has been exactly what we needed and her willingness to provide impromptu guidance along the way so supportive. Shelley has been the partner we were looking for – we can not wait to see the completed project. It will be amazing!


Kathy W.

December 28, 2021

We have been working with Shelley for many years. We can’t say enough about her expert guidance and professionalism. She has walked us through projects, big and small, displaying her design talent. She listens very well and is not pushy. She guides us with choices of “what will work” leaving the final desicision to us. On a personal level, we have found that Shelley reduces our design related anxiety and disagreements! She expertly naviagtes the different design opinions we may have as a couple. After her consultations we always feel a sense of relief that she has put us in the right direction. Renovations, furniture purchases etc are an expensive investment. We feel Shelley’s knowledge has prevented us from making costly mistakes. We highly recommend Shelley!



Kathleen V.

December 12, 2021

If you are looking for a home design update, you cannot go wrong with Shelley Rodner Design! Our project was refurnishing the outdated interior of our beach house living room. Shelley’s suggestions were tasteful and varied enough to provide a range of possibilities, including fabric samples and color palettes,. Her business acumen is incisive: she has well-sourced supply chains, and a team of reliable delivery facilities. Finally, she is personable, enthusiastic, and fun to work with. Our new furniture will be installed soon — and I CAN”T WAIT!


Debbie D.

December 2021

Shelley is the BEST! My husband and I used her services about 10 years ago for Window Treatments, flooring, etc and are currently seeking her expertise again for some other home projects. Knowledgeable in all areas of decorating and design, a great listener to your needs and honest with recommendations of what may and may not work. Shelley it’s a professional and down to earth and easy to work with. We highly recommend her guidance for any project you may have.


Helen A.

October 2021

Shelley has been working with my family and friends for the past 20 years. We are currently working on decorating my new home in Fenwick Island, Delaware. Shelley is a gifted decorator with fabulous fresh new ideas – down to paint color ideas and contrasts. During these challenging COVID times, with many delays and hiccups with furniture, fabric, and other orders — when patience is necessary and greatly appreciated, Shelley frequently connects with her many vendors regarding the process and delivery. She fills me in almost weekly. Shelley is a pleasure to work with. Courteous and polite and always on time (if not early!) Always keeping in mind my budget. I would ask no one other than Shelley Rodner to help with stunningly creative ideas for my home. She is the best!


Laurie C.

November 2020

Shelley Rodner is an outstanding interior decorator. She can transform an ordinary home into something beyond immaculate. She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and easy to work with. She listens to her clients and knows how to satisfy your every request. We are currently working with her again on our new house and we are confident that we will be extremely pleased with the results of her efforts. I highly recommend her, she is first class.



Dena H.

November 2020

Shelley is above perfection! She is awesome to work with. We recently bought a coastal home and researched designers in the area and thrilled we contacted Shelley!! We started together with one space in the home and fell in love with her designs, less than a year later, we are now onto our fourth project with Shelley. She has transformed our once empty palette into a beautiful elegant home. We love what she has done to our home. She is patient, attentive and simply wonderful to work with. My husband and I are extremely impressed by her suggestions. She has hit them all spot on. We are excited to see what she comes up with for the next space in our home.


Kathleen T.

May 2019

Upon recommendation from friends, we contacted Shelley for help with a re-do of our home that we owned for 15 years and lived in full time for 10 years. It was a delightful, personal experience. I never believed our modest beach home could offer so much elegance while remaining cozy and relaxing. Our recent visitors have been amazed, maybe even stunned! Shelley could absolutely “read” us with suggestions for floor repair, wall color, furniture, placement of wall hangings, and window treatments. She presented us with options and allowed our preferences guide the choices. Importantly to us, she respected those items that were meaningful to us. Another selling point is the array of contractors and vendors available. Every one we used was most professional and competent. We looked forward to her visits not just for the decorating advice but also for the conversation that accompanied it. We had fun!


Claire W.

October 2017

Fantastic working with Shelley! She has the unique ability to blend! We are merging two homes( aka-downsizing). She has fresh, aesthetic ideas that manage to blend our current pieces with her newer ones. She is always available and responds quickly. ( especially great since we live far away!). Just a pleasure!! She and her staff are professional and are able to provide quality pieces within our budget.


Joy N.

November 2017

Shelley is absolutely amazing ! We have been working with Shelly for almost 2 years. What you may not know is that she stands behind her work! We had an issue with a piece of furniture …. within 24 hours an email was sent to me, and replacement from the manufacturer was coming in 2 weeks. We have one word for Shelley , Amazing!!



Lyn M.

January 2017

Shelley is the ultimate design professional. Her creativity and ability to help her customers find just the right colors for their space and personality are super. She is respectful and able to create a synergy between herself and her customers. The results of her work end up being just what you want without overpowering you with Her ideas. Shelley listens carefully to you and that’s what makes her work so fitting to your needs.


Ellen E.

November 2016

(Our home is a work in progress. Working with Shelly has been an excellent experience. We carefully discuss different design options for each room of our home. It is a creative process of new design, blended with our existing furnishings. Shelly is professional. Always on time. All of our email questions are answered quickly. With each passing month we get to see our combined ideas become a reality. Bare white walls are transformed into energetic, inviting spaces. Thanks Shelly for being such a good listener. The design ideas you’ve come up have been spot on!


Lorraine S.

November 2014

Wow! Another spectacular design. Shelley provided superior service and design advice on the remodel of my beach house two years ago. She is super to work with and she continues to follow up and help me out when I need some direction. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is just fabulous!!


Laurie C.

November 2014

Shelley Rodner has helped with many projects in my home. Each time better than before. Shelley is so professional and really understands the clients needs, tastes and personality. Shelley has an amazing eye for design and the end project is always spectacular. I am so happy with everything Shelley has helped with and would highly recommend her to anyone. She is topnotch, I just love her!!


Nora R.

November 2014

I would highly recommend Shelley Rodner to redo any room or your entire house. She listens and does exactly what YOU want, not what she wants, as other designers do. She has loads of options and is willing to go with your ideas and infuses her eye and talent to make the room work. Our rooms came together beautifully and we are happy she worked with us to make our house, our dream home,


Jill P.

December 2013

Shelley is spectacular! She can walk into any room and visualize what works with the new and the old. Shelley provides customized customer service. She works within your budget and will spend endless hours discussing the project with you. She has excellent reports with trustworthy vendors and contractors. She treats your home as if its her own. Shelley does a beautiful job working with textures and neutral colors that are timeless. She is prompt and follows through every step of the project that really helps decrease the stress level going through any type of renovation. I give her a 5 star since the finished product feels like staying at a 5 star resort!